Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ex # 6 - Thoughts on technology

Technology to me is a vast and scary scene which has me hesitating, closing my eyes and generally thinking "I cant do this". Had not worked on a computer until joining the library in 1994. Now facing the monitor is a daily happening and I can, within limits, go onto auto pilot for work purposes. Spreadsheets, calculations etc come into the equation and I whizz along quite happily but judder when faced with something new. Then I mastered the mobile phone and the inevitable text-ing. I am not much impressed with the truncated socializing introduced by this piece of technology - get steamed up when I spot a group of people sitting together in front of their lattes or drinks, totally ignoring each other, while they hold animated conversations with those who are not in sight. Why bother with flesh and blood when you have a lump of plastic clutched to your ear? So, I am still learning the pros and battling with the cons of my own making when it comes to the invasion of technology!

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